Ducal wines

Our wines are vinified from optimally mature grapes from the vineyards on the slopes of breathtakingly beautiful Svečina hills. From day one we’ve treated and worked vines and land with love, care and according to organic principles, for which we received a certificate in 2016. Ducal wines show precision, often great sharpness and tension and last but not least – beautiful complexity, resulting from the fact that we harvest about 20 percent of the grapes on which noble rot – botrytis has developed. Botrytis penetrates grape skin, which makes the grapes partially dried, thus the juice in the grape more concentrated. In addition, botrytis brings a characteristically gentle oxidative aromas, which is generally more known from the finest sweet wines. Simply put, this is some kind of maceration on the vine. When they go on the market, our wines are already rounded up and ready to enjoy, but our experiences also show that they are also long-lived and more than suitable for aging. Ducal wines always express the character of our micro location, while maintaining the main characteristics of each variety. They are precise, complex, and thanks to beautiful acidity and minerality offer amazing freshness and balance.

Mitja Lo Duca

Wines with soul, for soul.

Laški rizling (welschriesling)

We dedicate the same amount of attention to this, in our homeland the most widespread white variety, as to previously described noble ones. Wines are complex, but thanks to salty minerality and juicy acidity, they are adorned with very pleasant freshness. Depending on the vintage however, we can feel more or less botrytis, sometimes also petroleum notes, spiciness or herbs. We feel apples, pears, apricots, and sometimes some of tropical fruits on the palate. Aftertaste is always nice and long.


Our white king, depending on the year, cen be a little more herbaceous or fruity on the nose, but the typical petroleum note in a tender form is always present. The body is usually big, but well balanced with juicy acidity and mineral notes. Fruitiness is usually quite ripe, sometimes our palates are caressed with dry apricot, often we also feel the aromas of ripe apple and pear. Salty minerality along with beautiful acidity, bring incredible freshness and a very long aftertaste.

Šipon (furmint)

If the Riesling is the king, then the furmint is the Emperor of white wines. It is an old variety, typical for the area of ​​the Austro-Hungarian Empire and was highly appreciated already in Napoleon’s time. Today, it is mostly found in Hungary, and somewhat less in Slovenia and Austria. Our furmints are mineral on nose, you will feel dry herbs and slight petroleum notes. On the palate you will enjoy dried and tropical fruit, especially mango. Big body is balanced by juicy acidity and mineral component. Aftertaste is incredible, both in length and aromas.

Penina Sontia

On the nose we mostly feel ripe apple. Exceptional acidity, fresh peach, apricot, apple, mature citrus fruits bring joy to our palate. Aftertase is long, mineral and very pleasant. Our bubbly express the character of the varieties and the environment where they grow and ripen, yet each element is pure as the Soča river, after which this wine was named. Sontia is the Latin name for our “crystal clear daughter of the mountains”.

Pinot noir

Of the red varieties, we are dedicated only to this beautiful but demanding variety. On the nose you will experience a typical blue pinot – wild berries and forest floor. In the mouth thera are delicious forest fruits, blackberries, blueberries … Acidity is high, but very pleasant. Minerality is beautifully expressed, the aftertaste is long and pleasant. Tannins are soft, rounded and sweet.

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