Wines with soul, for soul.

In the 1980s, Mitja was one of the most promising mountaineers / alpinists of our former state of Yugoslavia. In 1991, under the walls of mountains above Trenta, which he had climbed so many times, he bought an old estate which he turned into a wonderful tourism story, now known as “Kekčeva domačija”. Alpinist perseverance, discipline and intransigence also contributed to the success of his new role – tourism businessman. In 2007, they received the award for the best tourism product in Slovenia. There is nothing left to chance at Mitja. His workocholic part has already become a small urban legend.

The day after receiveing the prize – the ceremony took place in Maribor – Mitja and his wife Joži went see the magnificent vineyards on Svečina hills. They soon noticed an old, decaying homestead with an old wine cellar and hectare and a half of the vineyards – mostly welschriesling (laški rizling).

Mitja immediately felt a new challenge and the purchase of the property followed quite quickly. The new family story was also a challenge for son Tim, who’d just completed a very successful career as a professional football player. He is today permanently present on the estate.

In the following years they planted a hectare of chardonnay, intended for sparkling wines and bought 3,5 hectares of vineyards on the nearby Špičnik hill. Last year they bought four more hectares of plots in the immediate vicinity of the cellar, where they planted a hectare and half of pinot noir, while the rest will give space mostly for welschriesling vines.

Mitja and Tim approached winegrowing and winemaking with the same enthusiasm as tourism business and their sports careers. They’ve created beautiful symbiosis between the individualism of the alpinist and the team spirit of the football player.